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The Department of Civil Engineering (CE) at Dong-A University was founded in 1955 and relocated in Hadan Campus in 1979, which is equipped with advanced research and education facilities, envisioning producing more knowledgeable and creative engineers. With more than 55 years of history, which is among the oldest history in civil engineering relevant departments in Korea, the department has evolved into a modern department by incorporating multidisciplinary areas that are demanded in current large, complex, and global projects. The department is regionally and nationally recognized for its excellence in research and education, and the provision of professional services to the society. The department also takes great pride in its achievements, which are reflected by both its alumni who hold engineering leadership positions in the various aspects of engineering fields throughout the country, and its research accomplishments upon which numerous honors have been presented.

The Department of Civil Engineering is comprised of eight programs: Construction Engineering and Management, Structural Dynamic Engineering, Port Design and Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Soft Ground Engineering, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (incl. Foundation Engineering), Ocean Engineering, and Surveying and Geomatics Engineering. The department now includes 12 full-time faculty, 3 adjunct faculty, more than 300 undergraduates, and nearly 50 full and part-time graduate students. The department offers the Bachelor of Science degree in CE (BSCE), the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy graduate degree in CE through the Dong-A University Graduate School.

Prospective students and others interested in civil engineering are invited to visit the department. (Arrangements can be made by contacting the staffs in the Department of Civil Engineering as below.)

1955: Foundation of Civil Engineering Department
1960: Reorganization into the Department of Civil Engineering
1979: Movement to Guduck Campus in Dong-A University with advanced research and education facilities
1995: Reorganization into Department of Construction Engineering (Unification of Construction-related Departments)
1999: Reorganization into Division of Civil and Ocean Engineering (Separation into two majors in undergraduate under the
            same department)
2006: Accredited by ABEEK (the Accrediation Board for Engineering Education of Korea)
2009: Return to the Department of Civil Engineering 

Mission and Goals
The mission of the department continues to be execution of theoretical and applied research that advances the body of the construction knowledge one step forward and the education of the next generation of industry professionals including the provision of life-long education opportunity. In addition, the faculty contribute selected professional service to institutions and government for assessing the technical issues and suggesting solutions to enhance the quality of life. In carrying out the mission our goals continue to be
· Fostering a person combining engineering ethics and workmanship
· Fostering a person cooperative and adaptable to practical business on the basis of effective communication skills
· Fostering a person capable of carrying out experiments and doing integrated design and engineering works
· Fostering a analytical thinker with wide application knowledge on the basis of basic science knowledge
· Fostering a person broadly approaching and solving a problem